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This weekend features one expected out-of-town guest (not staying with us, but still) and four unexpected ones. It includes awesome (and fully vegan, for those who care) rye buns, figs with proscuitto-gorgonzola-walnut topping/wrapping, lo these many caramelized brussels sprouts, and today two meals I have no hand in planning or making but will merely sit down and eat and thank the cooks. Yesterday it featured five dogs and an outstandingly nice baby who is not inclined to repeat herself so I was never sure which words she'd actually meant and which she'd just attempted, and also who is bilingual but not trilingual.* Today it will involve the rare and coveted godchild hat trick, which, I feel compelled to explain, does not mean shooting each of my three godchildren across ice into a net.

It also features vertigo and the dregs of a cold.

Anyone wondering why I'm not posting more to lj?

*Really. When I explained that the puppies did not say, "Miaow," but rather, "Woof woof woof!", she looked at me like I had lost my mind. "Miaow" was totally comprehensible. "Woof woof woof," was crazy talk.
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