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Well, despite still being miserably, miserably sick and missing out on time with my grandparents, I managed to do a few quasi-useful things today. Occasionally my brain decides to pretend to be Zed or Elise and makes up a whole bunch of titles all at once. I write them down in case I need them later. In the mix this time was a theory about What We Did. Remember, if I don't use What We Did to Save the Kingdom for this book, I will write a lighter, YA fantasy for which it could apply. So for those of you who love it: no vote in this poll is a vote against me having a book called What We Did to Save the Kingdom, it's just a vote against applying that title to this book.

Poll #1341256 the title binge does not extend to poll titles

Which of the following is a better title for an adult fantasy novel?

What We Did to Save the Kingdom
Before the Kingdom Falls
Before the Kingdom's Fall
Before the Kingdom Fell
I like one or more of these but would have to read the book to be sure.
You just keep thinking, Butch. Er, Mris.

Also, I have now tried all the kinds of tisane in the house and sorted them for which ones are to go find themselves new homes and which ones are to get drunk up by me. Possibly soon. For whatever reason, hot chocolate does not appeal with this kind of sick, so I go through a lot of tisane.

I have been telling people that the people who make Numb3rs were sending a message by having an episode where Alimi Ballard's character is revealed, casually and respectfully, to be a comics geek, and that episode guest stars Christopher Lloyd and Wil Wheaton. And that message was, "Dear Mris, We love you and want you to be happy. Mwah! --The People who make Numb3rs." Well, I watched the next episode after that one, and it turns out that there was a postscript: "P.S. We really really mean it." Because the next episode was full to the brim of Enrico Colantoni goodness. To the brim! Could barely have fit more Enrico Colantoni in it! I attempted to squee, but it came out croaky and I will try not to do that again for another few days at least. But! Enrico! Squee! (It doesn't hurt when I type it.)

Now I have no idea what they could do to follow up on this in the next episode, since Madeline Kahn is dead, and I checked several other people's IMDB pages and verified that Fyvush Finkel, Tina Majorino, Percy Daggs III, Walter Koenig, Claudia Christian, and Francis Capra do not appear in Numb3rs any time soon, much less all together in the same episode. Ah well. It was still a lovely pair of episodes.

Apparently I totally do not mind fan service when I am the fan being served.
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