Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Words that have always belonged together but we never knew it before

The snot gnomes that took up residence on Wednesday have decided to intensify their partying in my sinuses, throat, and lungs today. This is as much fun as you might expect, and continues to combine with vertigo and its attendant nausea about as well. It interferes with my sleep. It makes me fuzzy-brained. It sucketh, lo, mightily. Add to that the fun of knowing that I don't get to see my grandparents when they arrive tonight because a) I am no longer really quite well enough to go out in the cold, and b) Grandpa is not as hearty a fighter-off of colds as once he was, and last year's pneumonia and the more recent bronchitis (bronchitises?) make us not willing to risk him. It's not just a weekend visit, so I'll have time with them if the gnome eviction is at all reasonable. But still, not as much time. This is not my favorite day ever.

But to cheer me up, a package arrived in the mail. I will quote the giver from the enclosed card: "I simply could not pass up an opportunity to give you plush penguin Vikings with built-in hockey." You know you're living right when someone looks at plush penguin Vikings with built-in hockey and cries your name aloud gladly. Hmm. I think you'll have to come up with some other gauge for living right, actually, because I may be fully occupying that particular social niche.

It has a whiteboard. Plush penguin Vikings with built-in hockey and a built-in whiteboard.

I am overcome. And not by the snot gnomes, even.
Tags: my friends rule, sick and wrong

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