Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Notes to self and update

(By the way, my e-mail is thoroughly working again.)

Dear self:

It appears that you believe that worrying about things you cannot control is best addressed by waking up extremely early. While this may look like a good idea, it turns out that you do not acquire superpowers when underslept. Even your ordinary powers are not in peak form. Don't do this. Also, displacing major worries about things you cannot control onto minor worries about things that are not likely to come up? Similarly not a winning strategy. Cut it out. Yes, even you, subconscious. Yes, even when sleeping.

How many months have we been doing this PT thing? I believe this is eleven, right? So when is it that you wanted to remember that you need water after a clinic PT session? Apparently somewhere around month twelve.

Also: please check the calendar when ordering expensive and highly perishable groceries. If it turns out that the only night available for cooking for several days after a grocery order is a clinic PT night, do not order something that will take a lot of preparation and absolutely have to be done that night. If you slip with the stupid vertigo and slice open the back of your thumb, you will not want to have to stand there for another hour doing intensive cooking work. "Yes, but I can use a mise en place!" makes this possible. Remember those difficulties you were having with the difference between "possible" and "great idea"? Yah. That.

(Subset of self known as blood: if you could think of clotting? Not all the time. Just sometimes. So that I don't have to pay attention to changing bandages in the middle of dinner so that I don't bleed all over the crab? Yah, thanks. Much appreciated.)

Sense of humor and storytelling center: way to pull things together. Could not have done it without you. Will be expecting the same kind of rally tomorrow.


And a brief update on the living my life post from New Year's:
5a. In progress. Worked on "Pillars of Salt and String."
5c. In progress. Worked on "The Curvature of Every Disorder."
6b. In progress. Worked on "Twelve Things You Don't Know About Dryads."
14. Done! Paella. It was time. It was tasty. We have established that I can make a paella, and we can all eat it. Later we will probably tweak ingredients. This one had scallops, crab, sausage, chicken, red peppers, mushrooms, peas. And the paella stuff that doesn't really change. Cracking crab is kind of a PITA, but I really do like crab.
17. Done! Taking timprov to Rainbow. He approved of their sesame chicken, which for some reason I had not gotten around to trying.
29. In progress. Read The Dark Wind.
30. In progress. Halfway through Season 3. Have gotten to "???!!!" plot twist.

So. That's really not so bad, for a week into the New Year. Not that somebody should make me a LOLMris with, "Mai life: I r livin it." (Really, please don't.) But really, could be a lot worse.
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