Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

State of the Mris Report, in children's song format

Head: Several of the things on my mind right now are things I don't want to talk about on lj, some good and some bad. So I haven't been posting as much. Not all of it is bad stuff, just not really outside voice stuff, y'know?

I'm pretty fixated on finding some really good Christmas presents. So far I think I'm doing pretty well, especially since I have a note about something to pick up for my grandpa's birthday, which is in early February. I only have a few people left to figure out, plus a few things to pick up that are figured out but not purchased. Also I must make myself stop buying presents for my mom aaaaany minute now. Things just keep calling her name, though.

I'm writing "Carter Hall Gets Two for Roughing," because it's what my brain is willing to do right now. I'm hoping it knocks a few other things loose, because this has gotten pretty frustrating.

Shoulders: Still twinging every once in awhile from that fall, but not too bad, could be worse. Still avoiding some yoga and Pilates moves that would otherwise be fine even with the vertigo, but not generally having problems.

Knees and toes, knees and toes: Headed for 110-115 miles on the stationary bike this week, depending on how today and tomorrow go. Without that bike, I think I would have gone gibbering mad this year. Go bike.

And eyes: Hockey on the TV! Christmas cards on my lapdesk! Library books and books borrowed from friends! What a lovely plan for a Friday night.

And ears: Trying to figure out what traditional carol I should learn all the verses for this year. Feel free to chime in here. Should be pre-1850, obscurity a plus, English language not a necessity. Also I am trying to figure out what goes with the other stuff on a mix CD I'm making for someone's stocking.

And mouth and nose: Pepparkakor, finally, and for dinner, buttermilk biscuits and my version of my cousin's version of her Nana's version of Italian sausage soup. You know how this kind of recipe works: "Well, I don't like celery, so I used green beans, and we were out of zucchini, so I put in mushrooms, and I like orzo, so I threw in a cup of that...." We'll see how it goes.

How about you?
Tags: carter hall, so juicy sweeeet, stupid brain tricks
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