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The problem with not being sure of a title for something you've finished is that when you go bouncing titles around, some of them stick to other things. This is not so bad when you come up with What Kingdom Remains and think, "Yes, good, that's the last one in the series." Or when you squint sideways at Flight and think, "No, no, gives away too much and leaves out too much." But what's bad is the crazy ones that come pouring out when you do this. Especially when you do this with the aid of a timprov.

Which is how I came to be writing a short story called "How Descartes Became a Horse on Tuesdays."

Which is also how I ended up ordering biographical works about Descartes and also some of his own works to reread, all from the library.

Also I fear what happens if I am not careful, because if I push my brain for a visual image on "horse," I get the runestone drawing of Sleipnir.

Oh dear.
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