Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Five Things, one of them Otto.

1. I called Otto today. I came prepared: I know that my name is spelled with two letters that are pronounced "esh as in Shamuel." I got Otto himself this time, and when I got to spelling my address, I said "O as in--" and Otto interrupted me: "O as in MEEEEEEE!" Oh, The Day I Call Otto's is one of my favorite late fall holidays.

Also we are to visit Otto next time we are in Los Angeles. He will fix us up with many fine things without having to spell, and there will not be snow. No snow at all! Not like Minnesota! At least that's what I'm told. And ten pounds of csabai sausage are winging their way towards us, since there were merely one hundred fifty orders ahead of mine this time. Again. (Two years ago there were one hundred seventy, so this is progress.)

2. I have a Facebook account. I am not spending a great deal of time on it, so while some of your charitable causes are surely just and some of your friendly gestures are surely friendly, I will probably not be hanging out any banners or planting any virtual gardens over there. That sounds suspiciously like a project. But I will probably friend you or list you as a contact or whatever if you want, as long as I'm clear on how we know each other or who we know in common.

3. Am trying not to obsess about tomorrow's clinic PT. You see how successful this is.

4. Ista thinks that it was extremely considerate of porphyrin and co. to bring home her new bestestest friend EVAR, Morgan. We weren't sure how she would react to having another dog in her house with her monkeys. I suppose we can't swear that it'd be universally okay, but this other dog was a huge hit. (Morgan really is a very fine girl.)

5. Note to Heroes writers: film badges are not the same as Geiger counters. They do not change back when things have gone back to okay levels of radiation. This is useful. Measuring cumulative levels of radiation matters. Yarrrrg. Honestly.
Tags: holiday cheer and thumping, i miss diff equs, missing rise, my friends rule, poodular supervision, small screen, stupid vertigo
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