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"I was drafted in the eighth round of the junior draft by the Hamilton Red Wings. I showed up to camp to find seventy-five other players on the ice. I phoned my dad crying my eyes out, but he said, 'Son, just do one more day.' The next day I called and said, 'Dad, there are forty-five guys better than me!' He told me the same thing, 'One more day, son.' The fourth day I called him back and said, 'You know what, Dad? There's nobody here who can do what I can do.'" -- Pat Hickey, quoted in Dave Bidini's The Best Game You Can Name

You think his dad was surprised?

I don't. Because mine wasn't.

In case you missed it: the fourth day did not make him say, "I'm better than everybody! Nobody else is any good!" And that's important, too.
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