Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Always in my heart

Twenty trick-or-treaters cleaned us out of candy. It's the most we've ever had. But that's not why I'm posting here.

On the way back from our early dinner at our favorite Vietnamese place in the south suburbs, we saw the very best thing. First we saw Darth Vader and his daddy, walking down Duckwood. A few feet ahead of them strode a tiny Princess Leia. She was clearly Princess Leia; she had the white dress and the braid-buns on the sides of her head. She had the purposeful walk of a four-year-old who knows where she is going and is going to get there in her own good time, which will be faster than everybody else's good time by several minutes. She also wore a brown Jedi robe over the top of it. In one hand, she clutched her plastic pumpkin; in the other, a light saber.

She was Princess Leia the Jedi.

I have said before that the part that always gets me at the end of Galaxy Quest is the bounce of the little blonde fangirl when the crew crashes the ship into the con. I am that girl's bounce, and I always will be. But this is me, too. I am always the tiny purposeful hand that's clutching the light saber and not only will not but cannot hear any objections to her having it. Princess Leia the Four-Year-Old Jedi is perfectly prepared to kick the butt of any naysayer who tries to point out that this is not canon; this is her light saber, and she is Princess Leia, and you wanna make something of it, buddy? She thought not.

Yeah. Yeah.

(timprov wants to suggest that if you have one child dressed as Darth Vader and one child dressed as Princess Leia, you really need to have or borrow a baby to dress as an interrogation droid. I admit this would be awesome.)
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