Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Small business signal boosting

Everybody knows the economy is not at its finest at the moment. Who knows it better than small business owners? So when I got an ad for Lovecraftian truffles from Polidori Chocolates, I thought it was time for a signal boost. I haven't had the Lovecraft chocolates, but I've had others from this chocolatier, and I can vouch for their extreme goodness. I even like marshmallows from Polidori (well, as long as they're dipped in dark chocolate), and before I tried their version I would have said I could go the rest of my life without marshmallows and not cry about it.

Who else is running a small business? Well, there's a certain seamstress who makes bags, and our favorite jewelers -- or at least the ones who are selling things right now; some of you haven't posted about jewelry in awhile. There are people who do geeky things with molecules and cute and twisted things with stuffed animals. All this is good stuff! Anybody else wanting to signal boost for yourself or another artist/craftsperson/small business owner?
Tags: my friends rule, so juicy sweeeet
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