Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

A blight on the MN landscape

With just two more weeks to go, Rep. Michele Bachmann wants us all to know that we are being really mean to her and totally misconstrued her remarks about searching for anti-Americanism in the Senate. She didn't mean witch hunt! She meant "which hunt?", like, duck hunt or deer hunt or bear hunt? Maybe pheasant hunt? She didn't know, but she was curious. Also, she meant McCarthyism as in, like, Wally McCarthyism. That's where she bought her car. He gave her a good deal. She wanted America to know. (This is Minnesota, though, so she totally doesn't want to offend the Rudy Lutheran vote.)

Lordy. There was a cute baby tapir picture around here somewhere, right? Only two weeks. Only two weeks.
Tags: the art of the possible, true north strong and slightly less free
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