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I'm reading Daniel Abraham's An Autumn War and really liking it. This is not a surprise, since it's the third in the series and I liked the first two. But I bought it without examining the cover, because I would have bought it no matter what cover it had. Upon looking more closely at the cover, I noticed something: all the praise, the positive reviews and comments, on this book, are about this book. It's the third in the series, and every single quotation pertains to this book in specific.

I really appreciate that. I hate it when I pick up an experienced author's book and read, "What a great book*! -- Someone I Respect" and then find that the footnote says that what a great book was four books ago, and I liked it too and have been lukewarm on the ones since. Even if I've loved the ones since, seeing the same bits on the author's cover for a decade or more is a bit offputting. So I'm glad Daniel Abraham's cover design and/or marketing/publicity people are not starting him out that way in the first few years of his career as a novelist. Well done, those folks. Go them.
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