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Marissa Lingen

Okay, ten things.

I put off this meme, but here we go, ten good things. I have limited myself to things, as the people in my life would easily fill the list to overflowing and not leave me with any challenge to think of good things. So, ten:

1. The hungry came back! I haven't been hungry all week. Before lunch, I got hungry! I hope it keeps showing up at appropriate intervals, but I got so hungry before lunch that it might well have been a week's worth all at once. (Still having nausea and stomach cramps, but we will cope with those.)

2. The True Tale of Carter Hall is behaving itself admirably well, submitting to being written when I want to sit down and write it. Even if this doesn't continue, I appreciate it while it's here.

3. The library's webpage. I know, this is really dorky, but it has been such a lifesaver to be able to order books, click click click, and have them show up at the hockey rink in a neat bundle. (The library is being renovated, so in the meantime, the books are delivered to the Civic Arena, which in Eagan works out to be the hockey rink, more or less. So you get your books and look out over the rink, and you hear a guy on his cell phone saying, "Brendan, can I talk to Mom? Well, can you ask her if she found Hannah's mouth guard?" while a patient little girl in goalie pads waits with him. Also the concession stand sells mini-doughnuts. I love it here.)

4. Peanut sauce from Rice Paper. Particularly good in combination with #1.

5. When the small dogbeast gets really happy and throws pillows around with her head.

6. Fall picnics.

7. Quiet evenings with family.

8. Plans and plans and more plans. I am nearing the point where I need to stop making plans for awhile and just let the plans I've made come to fruition, before the weight of my own planniness knocks me over. But still. The latest plans involve a play and some small people and some not-so-small people, and I'm very excited.

9. Having a start on some Christmas presents! I love having an excuse to actually get people the things that made me think of them.

10. Convivial! I'm going up to Bloomington for Convivial this weekend, an arduous trek of about ten minutes (same hotel as Fourth Street). As I recall, the connectivity was spotty in that hotel, so I don't know whether I'll be rattling away on the laptop or not. I hope I'll have some time on it, but if I go into radio silence until Sunday afternoon, know that I'm having a good time.
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