Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Question meme, round three

scottjames demonstrates his continued existence by asking:

1. What have you learned today?

That I should keep a better eye on when I bought andouille, uff da. (I found this out the good way, by noticing the date on it.) Also that our local library doesn't have very many hockey books -- where am I, Alabama? What is this?

2. What did you learn yesterday?

That the difference between "I opened my mouth and my mother's words came out" and "my mother opened her mouth and my words came out" is not that large. Also that a lot of Westerners are really bad at writing about Chinese mythology/folk religion, but that if the muddled Western thing I was reading is correct, there is a Chinese goddess known as "Birth-Registry Goddess."

3. How's your p's and grand-p's?

Oh, fine, thanks. The grands are coming up for a visit a week from today, and they and the folks have all sorts of ideas for fun things to be done on that visit (some with my vertiginous self and some without). The folks I will see tomorrow.

4. What's up?

Sneakiness. Sneakiness is up. The stock market is down, but sneakiness is up.

My patience with people who cannot pronounce "nuclear": not up.

5. When I get back around to fiction, what should I read next (and why)? [I'm currently reading Guinness: The 250-Year Quest for the Perfect Pint and various cooking magazines, by way of explanation.]

Well, if you're reading about Guinness now, you should ease back into fiction with Tim Powers's The Drawing of the Dark, if you haven't before. (If you have, we can iterate this question until we come upon a recommendation you haven't read.)</lj>
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