Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Week of September 26 - October 2

Two rejections, no acceptances. You all know what I've been working on.

Had an afternoon and dinner with porphyrin, matastas, dlandon, and Mike and Roo, who exist despite not having ljs. Auntie Mrissa played the ABC song on the piano six times in a row. Then Twinkle Twinkle (which bears a stunning resemblance to said ABC song). Then the ABC song again three times. "Yay! [pause] P'ay ABC again now, p'eese." Then I got to switch recorders every three or four notes: "Now you p'ay dis flute! [pause] Now you p'ay dis flute, I p'ay dat flute! [pause] Now you p'ay...." We loves us some Roo.

After we bore witness to dlandon's misery (wish I'd served the apple crisp after the guys looked at her computer, so we could at least have offered some cinnamonny, nutmeggy consolation!), everyone headed out their various ways, and it occurred to us that it was only 6:30 and we could still make it to careswen and mmerriam's game night. Which we did, and there was much rejoicing and much killing of Dr. Lucky (or at least many attempts), and we met pezwitch and...umm...shoot, I know their real names, and they have livejournals. Ah well. Dr. Lucky successfully killed, we retreated from the beautiful, beautiful kitty, who was making my eyes itch.

My hands don't ache quite so much after not working on the book Friday or yesterday. Obviously the most sensible thing to do here is to immediately start working on the book again. Well, seriously, I think it is, because the darn thing is interfering with my sleep. A small glass of Riesling took care of that for last night (I'm a cheap date), but I don't care for that as a long- or even medium-term solution, so the answer is to finish the book. Right? Of course right. And I have plans for what I get to do when I finish this book. I've always had plans for that, actually, but they mostly involved what short stories I would get to write and what book I would get to write next, and now I have some Mrissa-maintenance things in mind that have nothing directly to do with what I'm writing next. Which seems like a positive thing. Tired. Pressing onward.

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