Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Secret weapon

Well, this time it worked: I made all of dinner myself, except for the bits where markgritter got the hot things out of the oven and carried them to the table. If I'd been vertigo-free, I would barely have counted this as cooking: chicken breasts in the oven with bottled barbecue sauce on them, a pot of jasmine rice on the stove, and steamed broccoli in the microwave with a bit of lemon juice and butter and tarragon. This is the level of cooking that nearly slips into not-cooking...except that, hey, you do what you can do, and this is what I can do, and it was an edible and reasonably nutritious meal at the end. Take that, vertigo.

One of my friends made a locked post this week assessing her own recent actions as bitchy. I'm reading a lot of strain on my friendspage from people for various very sensible reasons, ranging from personal to international in scope. I've found myself repeating, "I'm sure she didn't mean it that way," or, "That probably didn't come out as he intended," for all sorts of people around me (and I don't necessarily mean people close to me -- the person doing the estimate on our back door replacement, for example). I have no reason to think that it's everybody else and not me, so for the times lately when you've bitten your tongue and given me the benefit of the doubt lately, thanks.

Here is my unsought secret weapon for dealing with troubled times, whatever their cause: Buddy Holly. Does he fix things? Um, no. Not so much. But really, when does Buddy Holly make things worse? Awfully rarely, in my experience. I mean, there's a good hot beverage, and there's learning new music, and there's all sorts of other stuff that's good, but much of my other stuff for dealing with trouble takes a fair amount of energy. Whereas listening to Buddy Holly is really a pretty low-energy sort of boost. You can just click a link and get to a live 1959 recording of them performing Peggy Sue, complete with totally stationary background debutantes and a brief quasi-apologia for rock music as the intro. Mostly I'm getting my Buddy Holly fix in purely audio form, but I couldn't resist throwing in the leg-twitch for those of you who are really having bad weeks.
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