Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Arbor Day Or Not

Take Back the Night is available for your reading pleasure. Girly Berkeley Tam Lins. Tams Lin? Well, there's only one in this story, anyway, so it's probably a moot point.

Also I have finished the edits to Reprogramming and have printed it out, a net 7K longer (you don't even want to know how many gross longer -- I certainly don't want to know). I will send it tomorrow, after buying appropriate mailing materials. Also I will send my mom's birthday presents. She had the bad taste to be born in May, and my father in June, and we're the sort of family that does Mother's Day and Father's Day presents. We narrowly miss being the sort of family that does Arbor Day presents. We like presents. In fact, one of my friends once described my family to one of his friends by saying, "They're the sort of people who can actually finish the sentence, 'On Arbor Day we usually....'"

Hey, speaking of which, I don't think Michelle reads this, but in case she does, don't follow the link, Michelle, or you will partially spoil your birthday surprises. I bought her a birthday present from here, and I think it will be muchly nifty and would be a good Mother's Day present source for people whose mothers are not mine.

To celebrate having finished the edits, I am going to pay two bills, do some laundry, and cook. Let it never be said that we don't know how to party down around here, Arbor Day or no.
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