Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

J'ai de l'eau dans mes oreilles.

But it was good; I'm definitely doing this again tomorrow morning, and possibly ever other morning I'm here.

The odd thing about swimming while dealing with vertigo is that the force of waves produced by two smallish women swimming in a long, narrow pool is enough to knock me for a loop if I try to stand up in it afterwards. (So I did try. Repeatedly. What's the worst that happens if you get knocked off your feet in five feet of water, and you're five-foot-six and already have been swimming? You float an inch or so off where you were standing and get your feet back down and try again. Therefore it's pretty safe, and probably good for me to do.)

It took me a few lengths to get my scissor kick back. It wasn't that I didn't have the strength, it was that I never swam sidestroke enough for it to be natural. Backstroke I had right away, the specific arc of the arms and like that. Breaststroke the same. But the scissor kick on my sidestroke took a bit of feeling out. Amazing how much easier that sort of thing is once your legs are pulling their weight, so to speak. I hadn't been swimming in way too long. Now I'm wondering if we can figure something out. Hmm.

More later.
Tags: stupid vertigo
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