Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Day before travel busy busy busy

I am currently wrestling two sets of short story edits into submission, one for the story I just sold and one for an as yet unsold story. It's good stuff. It makes for better stories. But coming on the heels of doing zeroth draft coherence revisions on What We Did, it makes me sort of taciturn around here.

I think I'm done with all the laundry, or all the laundry I'm going to take with -- I may throw another load of towels in just to be nice to markgritter. We'll see. Other than that, I think I'm getting there. Sort of. Mostly. We have Canadian money now, for example (hockey fives FTW!). My passport has been dragged up from the basement filing cabinet. My packing list is at the ready. My notes for the novel I'm not writing next are typed into the relevant file.

Wait, that last one was procrastination, not readiness. I am one of the most virtuous procrastinators I know. I'm not goofing off! I'm organizing my notes!

Anyway: I know they have connectivity in the hotel we're using, but I have honestly no idea how much I'll be online in the next ten days. If the travel is rough on the vertigo, it may be a lot. If not, it may be hardly at all. Or really anything in between; hard to say. I expect to enjoy myself in Montreal regardless.
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