Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Shiny everywhere I look.

It is the most beautiful day here today. Seriously, you would not believe it's August. It's like a much nicer month than August. (Which are the much nicer months than August? All of them. Except maybe July some years.) And we had plans to loiter on a terrace with desserts and fruity drinks this evening anyway, so the weather just decided to hand us today on a shiny, sparkly, not-very-August platter.

But before we get to the loitering on terraces part, we're doing the bit where we introduce my parents to Maria's, which is its very own kind of shiny.

Last night I sent a few people What We Did to Save the Kingdom to alpha-read. If you had said you wanted to read and crit it for me but didn't get a copy, it means I'd rather have you read a later draft; I will be asking people to beta-read once the alpha-readers have told me what they think and I've worked with that. I'm at the point where it's like repeating a word over and over until it makes no sense: I cannot judge it at all without external input. So I'm getting that.

I'm going more or less directly into work on The True Tale of Carter Hall next. I don't know how much preparations for Montreal will eat my next few days (less than a week! eee!), but I've had about enough of revisions; it's time to write something new. So I'm excited about that, too. And that's where I am this morning.
Tags: carter hall, my friends rule, so juicy sweeeet, summer is a foreign country, what we did

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