Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Not sick!

When I posted that poll about calling in sick on Tuesday, that was not meant to be my subtle Minnesotan way of calling in sick for Wednesday and Thursday. But alas. The sore throat is nearly gone, though, and I seem to have gotten my brain back. And we seem to have skipped the totally inaudible stage, or the stage where people are sincerely worried by the coughing, or the stage where all the tissues in the house get used up in less than an hour. So as summer colds go, that's really not a bad one.

As the cold was on its way out, I may have caught the crazy in a writing project related sort of way, though. We'll see. It's good to have friends in different parts of one's life to whom one can say, "Have I completely lost it, or...?"

In the meantime, I didn't actually schedule my weekend with the idea that it should be the optimal intersection of fun and low-key (and possible with the vertigo, sigh), but it looks remarkably similar to that ideal anyway. Definitely a good thing.
Tags: sick and wrong

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