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markgritter and I went out for a dinner date at Pizza Biga. (Verdict: meh.) While we were out, we collectively consumed five pieces of pizza, two glasses of wine, and two scoops of ice cream. Reasonable. But what we brought home was:
seven pieces of pizza
two loaves of chocolate bread, now sliced and stuck in the freezer, one of which will go with me to Montreal for emergency consumption in my hotel room
one chocolate bun
two scones
three pints of ice cream (banana, Guinness with dark-chocolate-covered organic equivalents to Rice Krispies, and blueberry-buttermilk)
one pint of sorbet (raspberry-lime)
twelve servings of dog treat
birthday present for a certain person who turns 14 next week
birthday and anniversary cards for the next month

And also I did not fall on my head. (markgritter was of no small assistance in this achievement, as in all the others.) So I think that counts as a pretty good haul, considering that we didn't go out with the expectation/intention of getting most of it.

Some days you take what you can get. But on the days when what you can get includes Turtle Bread's chocolate bread and Pumphouse Creamery's blueberry-buttermilk ice cream, this is a great deal less of a hardship.
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