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Marissa Lingen

Mostly mangoes.

timprov went to buy freeze-dried mangoes before my birthday party, and he bought a lot of them, because we needed some for my mom and some for the party and some for rysmiel and some for just us around the house. He had the following dialog with the 17-year-old clerk:

Clerk: You must really like mangoes.
timprov: We're having a party.
Clerk: A mango party?
timprov: A birthday party.
Clerk, beaming: I think it's just great that you still have those!

So yah. In our greatly advanced age, we have had a birthday party. I am so spoiled. Lo these many monkeys came to share it with me. And some of them stayed late, and it's been a long couple of weeks anyway, so I'm pretty zombified today. But in a good way. As with most partyish things we have here, I got to talk to nearly everybody who came, and I didn't get to talk enough with any one person. I suppose this is far better than if I was sitting around thinking, "Hoo, boy, enough of you," about particular guests. There were some old friends I hadn't seen in way too long, some new friends I don't see often enough...old friends I don't see often enough...yah. Monkeys. Many happy monkeys.

When brithistorian went to take little L. home, L. was clearly concerned about something. He came to wish me more happy birthdayness, and he kept repeating mournfully, "Happy birthday cake and candles." I managed to get out of him that he was not keen on going home because he had not yet witnessed the cake and candles. Once he was clear that we were not having any but were having cookies instead, he was very worried about how I was going to manage to have a happy birthday without cake and candles. It was really sweet.

Lessons learned: four avocadoes is not a large enough batch of guacamole; indicating with signage what beverages are where increases the chance that people will get the beverage they want and not merely the nearest convenient liquid thing; do not leave freeze-dried mangoes in a bowl on the counter overnight, or they will go sort of limp and squodgy.

Lessons reinforced: bomber bars flat-out disappear at parties; I have awesome friends.
Tags: my friends rule, so juicy sweeeet

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