Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

"I am not the only dust my mother raised."

Hard day yesterday. A couple of small falls early and then a bad fall in the kitchen. Broke one of my remaining favorite big mugs. I hate breaking things. (When I was at Oregon State for their NSF-REU ten years ago, they gave us accounts with the food services on campus. The money on our cards couldn't be given back to the department or transferred directly to an OSU student -- although I could and did pay for some of the meals of guys in the program who ran out of food money before the program was over due to eating a great deal more than I did -- but you could use it in the campus coffee shop. So I bought myself four tall mugs with stars all over them, and several pounds of good coffee, tea, and tisane for myself and relatives. I loved those mugs. There's one left now.)

Still and all, there were also some very fine things about yesterday, and I just got a FedEx delivery of fleur de sel caramels and burnt caramel sauce from markgritter. It's very hard to remain glum in the face of very high quality dark chocolate-covered caramel. At least it is for me.

And I have had fun plans with people I care about all week, and I have fun plans with people I care about for all of next week, too. And there are some boxes and cards waiting for me -- I opened the caramels on instructions from markgritter, because they had a cold pack in them and all, but the rest is waiting for tomorrow. I find that very cheerful.

The random-play of MP3s seems to believe that tomorrow is not my fifth birthday, nor my 30th, but instead my 17th: we have a lot of older and newer music -- most of what we have is not from that specific time and radio-play type, in fact -- but what am I getting? Cranberries. Live. Soul Asylum. Alice in Chains. And now 10,000 Maniacs. Silly MP3s! I am not going to go put on a flannel shirt, so stop hinting! And greykev has more than that one 10,000 Maniacs tape and bagpipe music now! You can branch out, too, o computer! (Clicked "next." Green Day. From Dookie. Thanks, computer.)
Tags: birthday princess, so juicy sweeeet, stupid vertigo

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