Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

I'm mature for my age. Sort of.

I'll bet many of you thought I was going to turn 30 on Saturday. But no! My niecelet called tonight to wish me a happy birthday, and seagrit prompted her, "Are you going to ask Auntie Mris how old she's going to be?" And Amber said, in that you're-silly-mommy voice kids learn so quickly, "No! She will be five." So okay then. I guess I'm going to be five.

We agreed that 5 and 30 are both Big.

She also wanted her mommy and daddy to "turn it on": she couldn't see me while she was talking to me, and therefore the thing must not be properly turned on. She wanted to show me the ketchup bottle from which her dinner ketchup had come, and how she could run, and how she did the end of "Ring Around the Rosie."

My niecelet is awesome.
Tags: birthday princess, family

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