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Five Things, Now! With 60% More Godkid Stories!

1. Our Science Museum outing was a success despite one of my worst vertigo days in the last several months. Robin made a mini-mag-lev car. He was fascinated with the props that had been fake prostheses in the movies, and with the real prostheses in the next cabinet over, and we went over the discussion several times: that one was Luke's, that one was Anakin's, that one could be for a real person.

I do wonder whether he is now imagining real people needing prostheses because of light saber battles, but hey, could be worse.

laurel: go early if you're looking for a wheelchair for your dad. We got the last wheelchair at about 1:00. I'll bet people who got them earlier in the day were returning them as they headed out in the afternoon, but it'd be a shame to miss your showing time because you were waiting for a wheelchair to come back. They'll let you in after your showing time, but still.

2. At Sakura afterwards, Mike asked Robin if Robin wanted soup. Robin said no, he wanted sushi. Mike wanted to know if he wanted sushi and soup. No, just sushi! Okay then. So the clear soup that comes automatically with veggie tempura came for me, and Robin eyed it. "Are you sure you don't want soup?" asked Mike. Robin was sure. I finished what I wanted of my soup and said it was up for grabs with anyone else who wanted it, and Mike asked Robin and Lillian if they did.

And Robin sighed, "You have got to get that idea out of your head, Dad."

That Mike and his soup obsession. Heh.

We agreed not to speak of it any further.

3. Lillian is old enough to say, "Missa," and also old enough to think it's fun to refuse to say it when someone wants her to. I tried to teach her to say, "Missa loves me," but no dice. Mike tried to teach her to say, "Missa is great!", and I got a big baby grin and, "GREAT!" Also many pats on the face and incomprehensible but quite cheerful baby lectures. (Also she was convinced that Mike's tuna nigiri was an apple: she knows food that is part red and part white! It is an apple! Why would Daddy not share some apple with her? He eventually gave her some in maki form, which she patted carefully, deconstructed, and ate...except for the tuna, which was very neatly denuded of all grains of rice.)

4. I posted a recipe for very easy peanut butter chocolate layered fudge just now. It's for sheyrena, but I see no reason the rest of you cannot bask in her fudge-recipe-endowed glory. I don't expect this is very good weather for making fudge, as it can be pretty hot, sticky work. I just note it for reference at your leisure.

Tomorrow my mom and I are making these and this (with cherries and peaches), and possibly these with strawberries, if we get ambitious, and did I really neglect to post my double-chocolate cherry scone recipe somewhere I could find it? Hmm. Hmmmmmmm, I say. Anyway, we're making those, too. And maybe something else. We'll see. I believe in our baking mightiness, but there are only so many hours in a day.

5. Those of you who glory in the "reasons I stopped reading various books" posts, today is a day to make you happy. I had to discard four library books unread before settling on one that's readable. Sigh.
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