Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Legos, bricks, and Star Wars exhibits.

My birthday is one week from today. In case you missed the signs and omens: one week. Exactly seven days. And then I will be thirty. I am doing a few of my crazy birthdayish things, like making sure we have the stuff in the house for my mom's and my baking projects, and checking my Amazon list with a magazine held up over half the screen so that I can see how many things have been bought off my list without seeing what. (I consider this the digital equivalent of shaking one's wrapped presents to see if they make a noise like Legos. Or, y'know, something else. But mostly it was the "is this a Lego pack or not" ritual, although if there was a pleasing slide and heavy thump, it might be a book wrapped in a shirt box to be sneaky, which was a good sign, especially as that usually meant it was either a big thick book or more than one paperback.)

(I remember for my mom's fortieth birthday my dad wrapped a brick with plane tickets to go see her favorite cousins taped to it. When we handed her the box and asked what she thought it was, she said, "Uff da, it feels like a brick!" And it was. There's no fooling us! We are experienced present-shakers.)

The last few days have featured pretty bad vertigo-related nausea off and on. Whee. I am not only bored of how bad it's been but bored of talking about how bored I am of it, so...yah. Other stuff, posthaste. markgritter and I are taking Robin and Lillian (and their dad!) to the Science Museum's special effects/Star Wars exhibit anyway. We will get me a wheelchair, and I will sit outside the OmniMax theater with a book while they watch the movie, since I am not able to watch regular movie theater screens, much less IMax shows that are intended to make people vertiginous. I am determined to have a good time, and I think the others are as well. porphyrin and timprov told us to have fun in their absence, and I'd hate to disappoint them.
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