Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Five Things Make Up an Entry. I've tried to make them good ones.

1. I am writing a short story for one of you. It's called "Twelve Things You Don't Know About Dryads." (There is a reason for this title, but the person whose story it is doesn't know the reason yet.) Yesterday I sat down with a creamy thick piece of notepaper and a pen with leafy green ink and wrote down eighteen possible section headings. I crossed out six. Now I have to reorder the remaining twelve. But I think this is good. The first three were usable but tepid. I'm sorry to have to miss #15. I am happy with this process, though. It was satisfying in more than one way.

2. One of the things I crossed off the dryad list was, "Who last really impressed them." Who last really impressed you? It was much more of an lj question than a dryad question, I think. ("Why dryads do not use lj" was not on the list.)

3. I got two hours of extra sleep this morning and feel almost human as a result. Still nauseated this morning. Still much vertigo. But far better to have nausea and vertigo without feeling like I'm going to lose structural integrity and melt into a little puddle of exhaustion on the floor.

4. I have a birthday present! I don't know what it is or from whom, but an Amazon box arrived addressed to me, and I hadn't ordered anything for myself, so I had markgritter check to see if it was a birthday present, and it was. So it will remain unopened for another 11 days. (This is actually my second birthday present of the year, but the first one arrived in June and was not clearly labeled, "BIRTHDAY PRESENT: DO NOT OPEN." So I opened it. It arrived from a different country, whose inhabitants were less confident of the mails than this occasion warranted.)

I suspect that I am putting a bit too much emotional weight on this birthday being a good one. But there are some years when you really sort of need a good birthday. And I am the easiest person in the world to make happy on and around my birthday. Time with friends and family is the very best thing. Lj comments and e-mails are great. Cards/postcards and phone calls are happy-making. And I maintain that I am the easiest person I know to buy presents for, since a wide variety of types and prices of gift will make me flat-out gleeful, and not only do I have a long list of happy-making options readily available online, I am also pleased with things not appearing on that list. We already have plans for the birthday-related baking being accomplished (by Mom and me, so it'll be fun time together rather than me flailing at vertigo limitations). I have a family party and a friend party planned, with other family and friend options on the horizon. This seems like it's going to work out.

5. markgritter and I are trying a new restaurant this evening. I like getting past the "we should do that sometime" phase to the "sometime is now" phase.
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