Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Sleep and Ick

I failed my sleep roll last night. *yawwwwwn* Going to be a long day. (Nothing in it seems particularly likely to drag on, it's just that I don't have a lot of energy to face strenuous things like pouring myself a mug of cranberry juice without staring at them for a minute to remember how this goes. Juice. In mug. Right.)

I am really, really tired of all my dreams taking place on a malfunctioning space station. I think my subconscious could get more creative than that about the vertigo. I really do.

Anyway. The excitement of yesterday came when my mom came over to help us out with house and yard stuff and was trimming the bushes in the front of the house. She found the foreleg of a deer. Ewwww. Fairly fresh, too. I thought about not mentioning this, but then I thought maybe it would be worth the reminder that Eagan in particular and suburban locations in general are not as completely distant from Nature Red In Tooth And Etc. as people might like to think. There have been sightings of cougars, coyotes, and at least one small brown bear in the area, though not in our neighborhood, in the time we've lived in Eagan. We're feeling pretty good about our decision not to let our 12-pound dog out in the fenced yard by herself after dark: anything that might stash a deer's foreleg in our bushes for later gnawing enjoyment would have no difficulty with Ista. Anyway the bushes are drastically cut back and will be less tempting for uninvited carnivores to skulk in, and also less likely to be guest-eating bushes. Go Mom.

Late June book post later. Now, more of The True Tale of Carter Hall.
Tags: stupid vertigo, veryveryvery fine house, what do you dream about

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