Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Insert Whine Here

I'm not interested in my own whining today, so if you are, please think of something suitably nasal and related to my book, female biology, markgritter's work scheduling woes, and possibly body image, and we'll call it good.

(Does anyone else have bad body image days? When you recognize that it's the same body as it was yesterday but somehow it just doesn't add up as well? And you feel like you're tripping all over your own feet even though you're not?)

I just got two pairs of Jeans That Fit in the mail. That should make up for my brain only reluctantly producing syntactically correct pieces of English, shouldn't it? Yes. Of course it should. (Seriously, I found myself typing all the words that went in one particular not-particularly-difficult sentence, "Edward took a glass from the dark-haired apprentice," and then rearranging them until they made the thing they were supposed to in English. This probably qualifies as a Bad Brain Day.)
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