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Girly Crap

I finished the writing week two chapters ahead of my schedule for finishing this book (and two short stories behind, I suppose you could say), and today is my day off. timprov thought it would be understandable if I just needed to go with it and take the day off later, but I'm not close enough to done that I'd get one soon, so I'm going with it. And feeling cruddy enough that lying around reading Megan Lindholm's Luck of the Wheels is about what I'm up for.

It's a bad, bad period, it is. It made me throw up this afternoon. Wheee. When I told my doctor (who rocks) that I was having rough periods, she said, "Oh, really? A lot of women find that the Pill makes that better." I said, "Nope." And this in addition to still feeling about 14, in terms of hormone swings. Ohh, wheee, what fun. You know what? People have all sorts of horrible things to say about repression, but I am all for repressing in some circumstances. If I have five seconds of wanting to cry at someone I love for doing something totally reasonable, just because my hormones are doing their by-now-usual roller coaster act, I really should repress that, and I'm always glad that I do. If it's more than five seconds or the person I love was not being reasonable, then okay, we talk about it. But my flashes of body-chemistry-induced misery should not give other people whole days of Mrissa-induced misery, and that's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

I'm going on a new flavor of the Pill (Now Available In Strawberry!) starting Thursday, and I'm hoping it's better than this one. We're staying away from triphasics, so I shouldn't get the ten-to-fifteen-day periods or the nonexistent periods that I did with the kinds I tried before this one. We'll see. (I don't understand how sexually active women on Depo are okay not having that little "no baby this month" reassurance, actually. No form of birth control is 100% etc. If I don't intend to have a kid soon, I want to know I'm not having a kid soon. Even if it does feel like an angry hedgehog is wreaking havoc in my lower abdomen.)

I am unreasonably annoyed with the packaging on my Kotex, because it has "tips" for dealing with your period. Creative tips like drinking a reasonable amount of water! Who would have thought! No one has ever advised that before! Nor have they ever advised consuming less caffeine! Go figure! And then there's the old favorite, exercise will make your period better! Umm. Is that before or after the vomiting and the passing out? Because I've tried several different kinds of exercise during my period, and I still do some of them anyway because I enjoy them, but they don't make me feel better. I promise. It's my body, and I know how it behaves, thank you so very much, Kotex. Grr. seagrit once told me that the women on her college cross-country team did not notice a difference in their times at different times of the month, and I believe her, because she doesn't generally lie to torment me. (Or, you know, for other reasons, that I know of.) But I might suggest that women who have a hard time consistently retaining food or consciousness for 10-25% of the month are less likely to be competitive on that level and might go do something else instead.

On the up side, the packaging is blue, which makes me happy because it is, y'know, not pink and all.

Also, I am a moron. It's a good idea to have different bras for different clothing -- some that go under low necklines, for example, and some where the lace does not show bumps through thin, fitted shirts. It is not a good idea to forget to wash delicates so that the only bras available at the cruddiest time of the month are the minimizers that leave red welts on one's breasts. All my own fault. Grumble grumble grumble. porphyrin is not doing well today and can't make it to coffee, but Heathah is still coming, so I don't feel like I can just put on a sleepshirt and deal with it all later. But I really wish I could.

For those of you who don't care about what familiar feminine fun my body is having with me this month, I will point out that I finally decided to pay up for my lj account and have a bunch more icons as a result. I hadn't added them when I got 2 months as a gift, because I didn't want them disappearing, and then I thought, wait, we use the heck out of lj, I want it to stick around, and we have $25. So there we are. My icons are all of me so far. Because me-being-playful looks a lot more like me-being-playful than, say, someone's-cat-being-playful. If it was my cat, perhaps another story. (A much sneezier story.) I've saved spots for a couple of necklace pictures and/or maybe a puppy-and-me picture when we have the puppy. In the meantime, new icons, yay. Including this one, "frustrated."

Back to the couch for awhile. I asked markgritter if he wouldn't be the girl for awhile instead, but he refused. He refuses every month. You'd think I'd learn.
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