Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

"'Cause nobody would come if I yelled, 'Chocolate!'"

For my dad's birthday, we met a friend of his he hadn't seen in 37 years, ate green beans and chocolate cake (consecutively, not concurrently), and watched Smothers Brothers clips on YouTube. I know he's had more exciting birthdays, because I've been there for some of them, but this one certainly had its strong points.

Internet interactions will continue to be sparse through tomorrow, since my grands and Aunt Dor and Uncle Rudy will still be in town, so we'll get to do Father's Day stuff with Dad and Grandpa. Which may mean nothing more exciting than steaks on the grill, baseball on the TV, and trying to get a hot game of Blokus going amidst the domino-playing of the older generation, but sometimes it's the company that makes the difference.
Tags: dad, family, pure silliness, same wrong words to amazing grace, small screen

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