Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Zoo lunch.

timprov's entry about our lunch with Virginia is true as far as it goes.

He does not mention the baby takin the big takins were trying to teach to headbutt, and it was trying out the head motions and falling over.

He does not mention the buffalo rolling around on its back.

And he does not mention that when he started to pick up speed, pushing me in the zoo wheelchair, he scared the daylights out of the grade school kid using the path at the time. "Oh noes!" said the kid's expression. "Is the fat guy going to push that lady's wheelchair into me? Oh noes! Oh noes!"

It was awesome. I am now a woozy wobbly thing on the couch, and I have no idea what I will manage to eat for dinner, and it was very much worth it.
Tags: my friends rule, stupid vertigo, timprov

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