Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Hypothetical conversation, real topic.

So you'll be in California two weeks from now. Yep. Sitting on the sand, basking in the sun.... No, the other California. Sitting on the rocks, basking in the fog? Bingo.

Hey, I thought you felt really crappy all the time. Yep. I thought you weren't able to do normal things like drive and cook and walk unassisted. Yep. I thought riding in a car or on a train or in an airplane made you even dizzier. Yep. I thought you were doing PT sessions three times a day. You can do PT in hotel rooms. I suppose. Still and all, it doesn't sound like the most fun a person has ever had on a trip to California. I expect not.

So what's the deal? My friend Amber is getting married, and one has the general notion that she won't be doing it again so often that one would get bored of it. Do you think she'll be upset with you if you don't come? No. I think I will. Does this have anything to do with ongoing regrets about missing another dear friend's wedding due to vertigo issues? That's a very personal question, hypothetical person! Hush.

Hey! I have just recalled that I am part of the hypothetical livejournal-reading conversation-holding sort of person that lives in Northern California! I hope you're very happy there. And you seem to like me! Probably I do, then; I sometimes give the impression of being willing to be around people I'm only barely willing to tolerate, but if I actively seem to like you, that's hardly ever misleading. It only goes the other way around. So are you going to come see me while you're out there? No. Awww. Why not? Is it because you don't love me any more? Probably. Or else I never loved you to begin with, because ours was a doomed and tragic passion. Seriously, why not? Because I think that this trip is going to be a bit hard on me, and running around the Bay Area would move it from "difficult" into "really unreasonably hard or impossible."

Aren't you going to make any effort at all to see me? Sort of. I am going to plan a restaurant dinner people can attend if they're willing and able. Depending on other pieces of data not under my control, it will be either 5/18 (Sunday) or 5/19 (Monday). Would you like to hear whether I am around either of those nights and interested in hearing more? Definitely. Would e-mail or comments do? Of course. Will this dinner be convenient to BART? Alas, probably not. The wedding is in Palo Alto, so we will probably be getting a hotel in that general vicinity in the interest of not hauling me from pillar to post. Will this dinner be convenient to CalTrain? Quite possibly. If I can't come to dinner, will there be some other opportunity? Probably not on this trip. But, y'know, markgritter's job is in the Bay Area, and timprov and I both have family there as well as friends, so you should expect me to be out there again someday. Possibly even with the middle-ear problems cured. That'd be swell. Tell me about it.
Tags: hope it don't fall into the sea, my friends rule, stupid vertigo

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