Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Now! With caramel topping!

The previous theme of heroes of the revolution around here seemed to be hot chocolate: lots of people who are dear to me have been sending me hot chocolate from here, there, and everywhere. Which is a darn good theme, really.

Yesterday, though, the theme for heroes of the revolution was caramel topping. mkille and onehipmama brought me an entire pan of pecan rolls from Wheatfield's on their way through Omaha. They asked if they could bring me anything from Omaha, and I said a pecan roll. And I got six, each the size of my head. Seriously, folks. timprov and I shared one of these things for breakfast, and neither of us went away hungry. And I have this to look forward to again!

And then ladysea made apple turnovers with caramel sauce and brought them over for dessert last evening. Caaaaaramel sauce. Heroes of the revolution, I'm telling you. I didn't do my PT until later so I could actually enjoy one and not be miserable about it. Worth the extra difficulties, definitely.

We had often talked of getting "hero of the revolution" chocolate medallions made, with caramel filling or nuts or something. Never has that seemed more appropriate.
Tags: my friends rule, so juicy sweeeet

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