Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Name! That! Limpet!

Forty-third verse, same as the first: still dizzy. Two bits of care package in the mail yesterday from two of you, much appreciated. Other attempts at increasing the supply of cope continue. Imported cope can be expensive.

Elsewhere, papersky informs me that limpets have a sense of directionality -- that if they are detached from their rocks and tumble around and around in the ocean, they mostly reorient themselves in exactly the same way when they find a new rock. So we should get me a Feeling-Ear Limpet (like a Seeing-Eye Dog) until this PT stuff does what it's supposed to.

The only question now is what to name the limpet. akirlu, in the same elsewhere, suggests Incredible Mr. Obviously. This is a good name for a limpet, but I'm interested in hearing other suggestions as well. It's time to...Name! That! Limpet!
Tags: my friends rule, stupid vertigo

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