Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

All out of orangutans

So, the central event of the weekend is accomplished: dlandon and matastas are married! And there was much rejoicing! One lj-er, who will remain safely anonymous for the sake of his or her other friends and relations, was heard to exclaim, "I don't think I've ever enjoyed a wedding before!" Scones, gravlax, people who ought to be married to each other. One can ask for more, but it would seem rather greedy. And yet there was more, cake and carmelitas and yellow roses and long treatises from my godson on the subject of alien Budgers and their Poison Castle.

I leaned on a friendly and conveniently seated usher to get up to podium to do my reading, which went fine except that I had to read directly facing the happy couple. Which meant that dlandon and I nearly made each other cry and were doing the "don't look at her, don't look at her" faces at each other. I should have taught her my friend Jen's little-bunny-foo-foo trick so we could be making the "don't look at her, don't look at her" faces so as not to crack each other up completely instead. Hindsight.

Also, I have the power of greyshawl! Er. Which sheds to the point where Pat WINOLJ thought I might have a cat. On the blue silk dress, no shedding. But on the black wool coat, the black purse, and nearly everything else it might come in contact with, oh my yes.

I am now really, really, really tired*, and I still have to do another PT session and make myself eat something (but it doesn't have to be a full dinner, what with tea snackies in the afternoon). So that's what here. But it's a happy tired.

Tags: my friends rule

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