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Some of you have already heard elsewhere that yesterday's PT revealed absolutely no progress on one fairly important front after a fortnight of the exercises, so we've dropped back to regroup on that one and are doing yet more remedial exercises there. I hadn't believed it was possible to be more remedial on this stuff, but here we are.

I got out some markers and paper in hopes that this was something simple I could do when I was too dizzy to read or work on the computer. HAH. Critical failure there; even dizzier even faster. So we'll cross that off the list.

markgritter and I had symphony tickets for tomorrow night, but we are making alternate arrangements there, because by 8 p.m. on the day of clinic PT, I am thoroughly a pumpkin, and also I have had difficulty keeping enough energy to stay minimally warm. Even if I could summon the energy to manage all that stuff, some friends are getting married this weekend, so a symphony concert is not the appropriate place to expend a whole bunch of energy if a whole bunch is going to be expended.

But despite those things, Mrs. Lincoln, it's actually a pretty good play. There's a new short story to poke at, and some friends sent me very kind and lovely things in the mail, and I am creeping through the things that need doing a bit at a time, and sorting them out fairly well from the things I just can't do. So there's all that.
Tags: concerts, stupid vertigo

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