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"'A black mass! Again!' cried the marquise. 'I fear the devil, madame! I am sick of lying naked on a pallet while you consecrate the host with the blood of a newborn child!'" -- Annie Pietri, The Orange Trees of Versailles

Oh, gosh, I know, it just gets so tiresome...I mean, naked on the pallet again, yawwwwwwwn...flying through the air cursing the English king's sheep again? Can't we think of some different evil to do? This is boring....

This is one of the YA advance galleys porphyrin gave me, and it was nice of her, but this is not, shall we say, the best of the bunch she gave me. (They were given to her, not handpicked by her, so her taste is not indicted here.) Gratuitous Satanism in the villains introduced more than 2/3 of the way through: let's have a no on that one, shall we? Modern sentiments placed smirkily in historical characters' mouths: no. People betraying their evil plots by talking in their sleep: no. As-you-know-Bob dialog about the Satanism: no! "As you know, Bob, we've been defiling the cathedral altar with our evil Satanic rites for three months." "That's true, Mme. de Montespan, and we also kick puppies and bewitch the king." Yarrrrg.

This book was translated from the French. That means at least two editors had to say, "What a good idea! Let us publish this book!" At least two publishers had to agree. The mind, it boggles.
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