Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

First PT session

Well, that sucked.

It wasn't that they did anything unusual or unexpected. It's just that you know when they said symptoms might be worse? Ayep. Also the physical therapist revised the estimate of worse-ness from "a couple weeks" to "a month." Freakin' yay.

I'm supposed to do some of the exercises three times a day. Not all of the ones I did in clinic, because I'm not ready for them without trained spotters yet. I am exhausted, dizzy, and overclocked. And the stuff I did was so small.

This is not the hopeless kind of frustration/suckage, so nobody needs to reassure me that sometimes it has to be this way to get better. I know that.

It's also not the "I have the worst life ever" kind of suckage, so I don't need to be reminded on that front, either.

It just...sucked. With more suckage to come! Three times a day in mild form and twice a week in more extreme form! Oh yay!

Tags: stupid vertigo
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