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Today someone I consider a good friend was confused by a reference in e-mail to my brother. I am an only child, but you'll hear me talk about my brother, and that's greykev. My mom is an only child who went out and got herself a brother as an adult, and it worked out so well for all of us that it seemed like a good thing. (In fact it worked out so well for all of us that despite the literally hundreds of cousins I have by biology or the law -- if I started naming cousins now I wouldn't be done by dinner -- most of the time when I refer to "my cousin," I mean one of the two daughters of The Little Marine Grandpa Never Had, my uncle Bill.) From here it looks like siblings are really quite a lot of trouble when you're small. Kev never, ever gets on my side of the car, has never once broken one of my toys, always returns my books unblemished when he borrows them, and never follows me around the house staring at me just to make me holler for Mom. I never wanted a sibling. But I do want the Kev for a brother. Lots of human relationships work like that, I find. Far fewer openings in the generic than in the specific.

So that got me thinking that this is a pretty big thing for a good friend not to know about me and maybe the times when people have open question season on their lj are not so misplaced as all that. Go ahead and ask something in the text box if you're curious. Or on e-mail if it gets too long for the text box.

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So what do you want to know?

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