Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Definitely shiny.

I got my contributor's copy of Nature Physics today. It is so shiny. The paper is so heavy and glossy and filled with graphs and equations and physics. And my words.

Perhaps I am not jaded about this short story thing after all.

And -- oh, I'm not quite sure how to explain this part. I got published in Nature Physics -- me! -- by doing what it is I really do. I didn't have to spend years pretending, miserably and unsuccessfully, to still belong in physics. I could be a different kind of the shiny, the shiny I always wanted, right in there alongside the shiny I sometimes used to want.

See, this one is better than Nature. Because Nature is for people, but Nature Physics is for physicists. Who are very like people, but different. I've written stories for people for years now, and people have read them and loved them and hated them and not cared about them and done with them like people do with stories. But now physicists will be reading and loving and hating and being indifferent and like that. As I say: like people. But different. And I know that physicists read SF mags. But they read them as people. They read this one as physicists. But not my story as physics! That part's important, too.

You see? Maybe not. Maybe I'm not getting it across. Extremely excited. Distracted by the shiny. Your take-home point here is: shiny. Yes.
Tags: i miss diff equs, publishing

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