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Vital question

So, having poked the Not The Moose Book with a sharp stick enough times, I have discovered that it separates rather cleanly in twain. (I had just had a mad thought about putting Twain in one of the books in this series. NO. Stay focused, Mris.) And further that the first book, Thermionic Night, is rough-drafted. Its 120K length should have tipped me off that it was a book. Sometimes I'm rather slow about these things.

I have to edit like a mad thing to get it into any kind of public shape -- and I'm not going to do that until I'm done with the draft of Sampo, which was Part 2 and is now Book 2, because of "Bull Durham" -- that is, I'm not going to do it yet because of "Bull Durham," not that it's Book 2 because of "Bull Durham" -- maybe I should just quit now and start a new sentence. Have to edit like a mad thing, but the bones of the book are there and some flesh and functional organs, too.

The vital question before me -- and before you, dears, via e-mail or comment section -- relates to parties. You get to have a celebration of your choice when you finish a book. (In fact, for each book written you are allowed five celebrations, as described here.) I missed throwing the "book is drafted" party. The choices before me:
--skip all parties: who needs to celebrate anyway?
--wrap it in with the party for finishing Sampo, since they used to be pretending to be the same book anyway
--wrap it in with Mark's intended but unscheduled acquisition party, since Sun now owns his company and we now own a piece of Sun to sell off and use for happy things
--have a series of parties for each of these things separately, because, hey, any excuse!

I should mention that I have moose napkins, so skipping the parties entirely will result in their sad everyday use. Not that that should sway your answers. I'm just sayin'.

Talk to me, people.
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