Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Conversations With My Brain In the Shower

Brain: What are we doing on the book today?
Me: Nothing. We're taking Sundays off.
Brain: Chapter 43? There's good stuff in Chapter 43. It might even be funny. We could use some funny about now.
Me: No book! Sundays off!
Brain: in this rock sprite story, the bit with the first spiral--
Me: Day off means we take a break.
Brain: When we took a break yesterday afternoon, we finished Chapters 40 and 41.
Me: You finished Chapters 40 and 41. I huddled in the corner meeping. Day off means no writing.
Brain: Oh, okay, no writing. So about the revisions on Thermionic Night --
Me, between my teeth: Revisions are writing.
Brain: No, they're not.
Me: Yes, they are. Don't you ever shut up?
Brain: I could start singing if you want. I could sing the song about the hospital for nerds and how only stupid people are breeding.
Me: I'll counter with a Bob Dylan version. Don't think I won't. "Iiiiii'm noooot siiiick, but Iiiii'm noooot weeeeeeell" -- oh, great, now I've sunk to your level.
Brain: Heehee. You live at my level.
Me: It certainly doesn't help that you're in league with markgritter about the zombies.
Brain: Tsalmoths. Heehee. Tsalmoths.
Me: You're never going to get any older than 12, are you?
Brain: Nope.

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