Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Milwaukee again

markgritter and I arrived safely in Milwaukee yesterday afternoon. We opened presents with the Gritter side last evening. The niecelet is very proficient with the phrase, "'nother present!" and also with the phrase, "Please will you read me this book Auntie mrissa?", and so there has been much reading of books, and I expect more today and tomorrow. Because the answer is generally yes.

The hotel told us that they wouldn't have power from midnight to three, possibly midnight to five. It was more like midnight to four-thirty. We were Not Best Pleased, but we brought a couple of extra blankets from the Gritters' and survived it unscathed. Or rather unfrozen.

markgritter is still sleeping; hurrah for the light of the laptop screen, bright enough to see and not bright enough to wake.
Tags: family, kids these days, see the world they said
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