Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Just call me *Super*twinkletoes

I am wearing sparkly pink Superman socks.

Generally I am opposed to pink. But! Sparkly pink Superman socks! This is different from ordinary pink. Also there are blue ones, which are striped sparkly blue Superman socks. Do you understand? The words "sparkly" and "Superman" have so long belonged in proximity, and now here they are, together at last, gently warming my feet.

I love Christmas.

I am not wearing sparkly pink Superman socks, drinking tea, eating chocolates, and reading the new Michael Chabon book. But I could. Because that's what I've gotten in the mail so far for Christmas. Actually it's only part of what I've gotten in the mail so far for Christmas. For why? Because I am spoiled. In one of the cases, I honestly thought that the box was something I'd ordered for someone else, and I opened it early so that I could wrap it, only to find out that it was all for meeeeee, no wrapping required. The other box I eyed carefully. The return address was a friend. I had not asked the friend to make anything for me to give to anyone else. "Perhaps it's perishable," I said finally. "I had better open it now and not wait, in case it's perishable. We wouldn't want it to spoil. Or, I know! Perhaps she has sent something to me to give to the godkids! I must open it, in case I am to surprise the godkids with it! Won't someone please think of the godkids!"

It was not for the godkids.

I love Christmas.

I have triumphed over four rolls of wrapping paper in the last two days. Three of them were partial rolls leftover from last year. Still, seven at one blow! Er, I mean, four in two days! And I'm not done wrapping yet. Not by a long shot.

Sometimes in years past I've asked what gift you're most excited about giving this year. Each year there are more people on my gift list reading this lj, so I can no longer say what these exciting gifts are. I'm pretty excited about the godkids' presents, though, and the niecelet's, and ksumnersmith's, and a component of what we're giving my grands. And I'm pretty satisfied with other folks' presents in a less exciting way. So what are you excited about giving this year? or, if your loved ones read this lj, whose present?
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