Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Why I go there.

People at my doctor's office I love:

1. My regular doctor, who rocks and is funny and smart and looks like matociquala.
2. The doctor who subbed in for her on maternity leave, who also rocks, and who reads Robin McKinley novels.
3. Brenda, our nurse, who -- wait, maybe you can guess this one! -- rocks.
4. The phlebotomist whose name I never remember, who rocks, and who understands the difference between "afraid of blood" and "prone to fainting."

And now! Today!

5. Nancy in referrals. Who -- sing it with me, kids! -- rocks.

Dealing with medical crap is no fun at all. I'm so very glad that my first line of medical care contains enough rockage for an entire band.
Tags: sick and wrong, stupid vertigo
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