Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

December Saturday afternoon

Yesterday Santa 'Prov and I did some shopping. We're not done -- I am not even close to done shopping -- but we got lo these many items, and had a good time along the way. And now there is so very much wrapping. Uff da, the wrapping. And the things I have ordered are only trickling in at this point. And there are entire important people for whom I have nothing more than a vague idea and a very small token.

The wee beast would like her stocking stuffer dog biscuits nownownowplznow, and while we're at it she believes she would enjoy a few of the stocking stuffers purchased for the rest of her (monkey) pack as well. But it was not to be. It is so hard being the dog.

markgritter and I decorated the tree this afternoon, and I made Robin's chocolate chip cookies this morning. I don't generally make chocolate chip cookies for Christmas -- or ever; I make bomber bars or double chocolate cookies with stuff in -- but when I asked Robin what he wanted, that was his answer, and he is my very best godson ever, so what're ya gonna do. It's not like chocolate chip cookies will go begging except for Robin's interest. While we were doing these Festive Domestic Tasks, timprov was dispatched for a take-and-bake pizza and some DVDs, so we are going to stay tucked in and watching Animaniacs tonight. I hope it snows again.

The book revisions are going neither outstandingly well nor outstandingly poorly. I occasionally wonder if I am introducing new flaws as I obliterate the old ones. Probably I am. I repeat to myself in firm and kindly tones that this is what smart critiques are for.
Tags: holiday cheer and thumping, revising, what we did

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