Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Talking to Otto's assistant

"I mark it down for you! Okay! I mark it down for you! What next? Okay! I mark that down too!"

"Now I read your numbers in my good English accent, okay? Okay? I speak five languages, they all sound like Hungarian, so what does it matter, okay?"

"You come to California, you come see us! It is much warmer here, okay? Today maybe eighty degrees! Maybe more! You come see us!"

"I will get this to you today, okay? Only maybe one hundred fifty orders before yours, I get it out today, you will have it by Mikulas, okay? You maybe want the chocolate for Mikulas, for the little ones, maybe the big ones, too, okay? We get it to you. No problem. Because I like you. You come see us next time you here, okay?"


ETA: I almost forgot my prize piece of Hungarian-on-the-phone wrangling: we were having trouble with the street name. "Ess as in son," I tried, and he said, "Eff as in Frank?" "Ess as in sunrise." "I do not know this word." "Ess as in syrup? Or sour?" "What? What are these words?" (He had successfully marked down and repeated back to me "sour cherry syrup.") Finally I had a brainstorm: "Esh!" "Oh, you say esh! Esh as in Shamuel!" "Yes! Esh as in Samuel!" "You should have said!" Oh. I should have said. Well, now I know.
Tags: holiday cheer and thumping
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