Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Signs of the season

Having some radio silence was good for me. And now it's over, and that's good for me, too.

I made the first batch of Christmas cookies yesterday, and the dough is chilling for the second batch this morning. I will not be baking one type of cookies a day every day until Christmas. Of course not! Some days will be bread or candy! (Seriously, no. Not daily.)

Also there are newspaper articles about the generic books you can buy people you claim to care about but don't actually know. I love that. "For the fantasy reader on your list --" No. Just, no. This suggestion never, ever wins. This year the one I saw was a slipjacketed edition of The Hobbit with a history of The Hobbit included in the volume. Some percentage of fantasy readers will love this. Most will look at it and go, "Oh...another Hobbit...that isn't as nice as our leatherbound one or as historical as our first-edition and the cover isn't as good as that one edition we keep because we like the cover,, random relative." We live in the age of wishlists now! You can buy your loved ones things they actually want, and not presents that say, "Hello, I have put you into a narrow category that fits you like a cat in a wetsuit, merry Christmas!" (I don't know why these articles annoy me so much, because I have exactly zero friends or relations who do anything like this to me. Maybe it's because no one in my life does this to me, so I have high standards. Hmm.)

Other, happier signs of the season: my very favorite weather guy, Paul Douglas The Weather Guy, is snarking in the newspaper. He does this every year. He asks the people who are complaining to him about the cold to find themselves on the map, and then he asks if they're surprised. The day of the year I love Paul Douglas The Weather Guy most is March 29, but after that it's the really cold day when he snarks. Best Weather Guy Ever.

And when I walked the dog yesterday, I should have worn tights under my jeans, but I had The Good Hot Chocolate when I got home, so all was well. Yay, restorative properties of The Good Hot Chocolate! It's too bad there's not enough of this stuff to apply in a thin layer to, say, disease or poverty or war. Because its properties are quite astounding.

Oh, and one more along the winter holiday lines: it's that time of year again! Time for me to bellow at a Hungarian man over the phone and wind up with sausages and spice pastes and many good things! Otto was right: I do need chestnut puree, and I am calling him back. "No we got none of that too bad for you bye!" Yay Ottoday!
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